Apr 14, 2022

Traveling Field Engineer - Mitchell, IN

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Job Description

Robinson Construction is HIRING a Traveling Field Engineer in Mitchell, IN

The purpose of the Robinson Construction Company Field Engineer Development Program is to ensure that Field Engineers are given the opportunity for professional development and growth. This growth occurs through trainings, certifications, and experience.  This program includes an Individual Development Plan which is utilized to outline and track the progression of the Field Engineer in the program.


•    Provide assistance to the Project Managers and Project Superintendent as requested to help in overall administration and coordination of the project.
•    Acquire good working knowledge of computer systems and all programs used by the company.
•    Participate in company Mentoring and Career Development programs.
•    Be available to work on weekends when the job requires weekend activity

Field Activities
•    Develop an understanding of, and provide assistance in layout and control of the project.  Assist in checking to ensure that elevations and dimensions are established and correct and that the layout and control of the project are accurate.
•    Take and store jobsite photos and videos as requested by the Superintendent.
•    Assist in receiving materials and equipment for the project.  Ensure that shipping tickets are accurate and verified.  Inspect materials to ensure that they were manufactured in conformance with shop drawings, are in good condition and are in the correct quantity.
•    Develop a thorough understanding of jobsite computers and communication systems and provide related assistance to the Superintendent as requested.
•    Provide quality control inspections and services as requested by the Superintendent.
•    Develop a complete understanding of the erosion control plan and work with the Project Superintendent to ensure that its requirements are met.
•    Perform erosion control plan inspections and complete required documentation.
•    Observe construction methods and practices to acquire an overall understanding about the approach and progress of the project.
•    Assist in documenting, maintaining, and forwarding time sheets as requested by the Superintendent.
•    Assist Superintendent with daily logs as requested. 
•    Assist Superintendent with new hire paperwork and orientations.
•    Coordinate and document field testing activities.
•    Develop construction insight to be able to discuss issues with the Superintendent and look ahead to see problems or conflicts that will adversely affect production or the quality of the project.
•    Assist in communication with suppliers and subcontractors as requested by the Superintendent.
•    Develop a good understanding of the company safety program and assist in insuring that a safe jobsite is maintained.
•    Assist with weekly safety meetings, job site orientations and subcontractor orientations and documentation of such.
•    Assist in maintaining the Safety Data Sheet Library.
•    Assist with Accident/Incident reporting, equipment damage reports and other reports as assigned.
•    Assist with quantity tracking for pay requests and cost reports.
•    Assist in maintenance of As Built Drawings as requested by the Project Superintendent.
•    Provide on-site procurement services as requested by the Project Superintendent.
•    Provide laborer, carpenter, or other services to facilitate the project as requested by the Superintendent or Foremen.
•    Follow Project Specific Job Description as outlined at the start of the job. 

Project Management Assistance
•    Study project documents and gain an overall understanding of the requirements and scope of the project.
•    Assist the Project Manager with solicitation, procurement, subcontracting and the submittal process as directed.
•    Order and expedite receipt of SDS for materials as required.
•    Expedite the return of executed purchase orders and subcontracts and insurance certificates from vendors and log accordingly.
•    Assist the Project Manager in establishing and maintaining the job contact list.
•    Assist the Project Manager and Project Superintendent in maintaining the electronic and paper filing system for the project.
•    Review and understand the project schedule.  Develop an awareness of what tasks and activities are scheduled in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.  Review material resources to insure their availability.
•    Order and document utility locate requests. 
•    Check timesheets for cost code accuracy and assign skill level and work comp codes.
•    Monitor superintendent’s daily logs to ensure they are comprehensive and timely.
•    Check outside vendor invoices, apply job cost accounts and approve for payment.
•    Review and log field testing reports and alert Project Manager to any noncompliant results.

Estimating Assistance
•    Complete quantity takeoffs as requested.
•    Follow and complete all RCCO Estimating Milestones. 
•    Enter estimating data into Timberline.
•    Learn on screen takeoff.
•    Plot drawings as requested.
•    Assist in the preparation of RFQ packages for suppliers and subcontractors.


  •    Periodic Progress Meetings as requested
    •    Monthly Field Engineer Meetings
    •    Monthly Supervisor Training
    •    Weekly Safety Meetings
    •    Project Specific Job Description Meetings prior to start of job. 
    •    Monthly Project Management Meetings when assigned to the main office
    •    Critical Task Planning Meetings when assigned to the main office
    •    Weekly Computer Training when assigned to the main office


Bachelor’s degree in engineering or construction management or equivalent background.

Required Computer Skills/Programs

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • Internet Explorer
  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe Acrobat/Bluebeam

Supervisory Responsibilities

Be able to effectively communicate and coordinate with the field supervisory staff and owners representative.

Continuing Education

  •    Establish goals with Individual Development Plan and continue with professional education and development consistent with the demands of the position
  • Obtain and maintain current certifications/Training Certificates for the following:
    o   OSHA 30 Hour or OSHA 510
    o     MSHA Part 48 Certification
    o    ACI Grade 1 Technician 
    o    Fundamentals Concrete Course
    o    Welding Course
    o    High Strength Bolting Course
    o    Excavation Competent Person
    o    First Aid and CPR
    o    Confined Space Competent Person
    o    Crosby Rigging
       Work towards CAPM or PMP Certification

Purpose of the Field Engineer Development Program

The Individual Development Plan for our Field Engineers is established in accordance with the individual based on background, education, and needs of the Field Engineer and Robinson Construction. This is presented in a timeline format and outlines the steps to accomplish goals. Along with career development, evaluations on tasks performed by the Field Engineer will also be Included. This development program will also include job descriptions, both generic and project specific to ensure the field engineer is aware of his/her responsibilities.

This program includes training, courses, and certifications. Both the Field Engineer and the company will benefit from the educational program. While some classes and portions of the program can be completed during work hours and the Field Engineer will be paid for this time, additional and/or other trainings may be completed on personal time. The company will pay for the classes and coordinate the trainings, but the Field Engineer, if he/she chooses to participate in the training opportunity, will complete selected courses on his/her own time.  

The Field Engineer program is intended to be completed within five years but is not guaranteed. The Field Engineer will have to complete each phase of the program, which contains specific foundation trainings that advances into training for individual continuing educational goals.

Robinson Construction is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  We will provide equal opportunity to all applicants and prohibit any discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability or veteran status. Applicants are treated on the basis of their job-related qualifications, ability and performance.

Employment at Will:  This document does not create an employment contract, either express or implied.  All employment is employment-at-will.

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