Apr 26, 2023

Pipefitter (Morrison, Colorado)

  • Burns MCD
Skilled Trades

Job Description

  • Job: Project Based
  • Duration: 9-10 months
Fundamental Job Duties
  • Basic safety
  • Proper identification, use and care of hand tools
  • Proper identification, use and care of power tools
  • Perform clean up duties
  • Basic rigging
  • Basic math
  • Basic blueprints
  • Fabricating and installing gaskets
  • Performing cutting operations
  • Cutting and threading pipe using a machine
  • Using and caring for measuring tools
  • Using and caring for portable power tools
  • Testing pipe and tube installations
  • Installing pipe systems and components
  • Identifying and selecting pipe fittings
  • Interpreting detailed pipe sketches and blueprint
  • Installing valves and components
  • Cutting and threading pipe manually
  • Using and caring for pipefitting hand tools
  • Fabricating and installing plastic and PVC pipe fit
  • Identifying, fabricating and installing pipe hangers and supports
  • Rigging material and equipment
  • Fabricating pipe systems
  • Reading advanced blueprints
  • Selecting types of pipe
  • Reading and interpreting basic blueprints
Qualifications - External

Mental Demands

  • Understand and carry out oral instructions
  • Read and carry out simple written instructions
  • Read and carry out complicated written instructions
  • Work at varying heights
  • Read and interpret detail prints and documents
  • Assemble and disassemble objects
  • Operate complex equipment and power tools
  • Operate small equipment and power tools
Working Conditions
  • Work in extreme heat
  • Work where noise level is above 89 decibels
  • Work in wetness/humidity
  • Work in cramped quarters
  • Work in environment of fluctuating ventilation
  • Work outside

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