Dec 21, 2023

Looking for Riggers!

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Job Description

Located in Norfolk, VA

Job Description:

·         Must have LEVEL 1 Rigger Certification from NCCCO

·         Must have 2-5 years’ experience in heavy shipboard rigging

·         Fabricates, installs and repairs rigging and weight handling gear on ships.

·         Attaches hoists and pulling gear to lift, move, remove, install or position machinery, equipment, structural parts and order heavy loads aboard ships.

·         Selects and attaches chainfalls, jacks, rollers, levers and/or pulleys according to types of loads being moved.

·         Signals cranes or other equipment to move loads.

·         Controls movement of heavy equipment through narrow openings or in confined spaces.

·         Lays out and handles lines on cleats or bollards and hauls in ships with capstans when assisting dock master in ship dry docking operations.

·         Installs or repairs ships’ rigging such as mast on antenna wires, small boat handling gear, shipboard cranes, winches, windless, replenishment and weight handling equipment.

·         Move barges and derricks with tug boats and yard boats.

·         Works in engine rooms, boiler rooms, aloft or in confined spaces as required.

·         Thorough knowledge of shackles, natural, synthetic and wire ropes, steamboat jacks, hydraulic jacks, turnbuckles, rollers, chainfalls, clamps, swivels, crane signals, shipboard nomenclature, forklifts and aerial lifts.

·         Splice natural and synthetic ropes, tying knots, use of electric, pneumatic and hand powered tools.

·         Knowledge of OSHA standards.

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