Mar 14, 2024

Traveling Project Superintendent - Food & Beverage

  • Robinson Construction

Job Description

Traveling Project Superintendent - Food & Beverage 

This position is responsible for directing, coordinating and monitoring activities of construction workers and subcontractors on a construction site. This position collaborates with others to define construction requirements, develop project schedules and conduct safety and quality control inspections. Additionally, the Superintendent anticipates and identifies project issues and risks, proactively communicates identified project issues and risks, presents solutions and confers with project team to resolve problems.

Robinson Construction is a Design-Build General Contractor specializing in the completion of process-intense manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. Our clients include heavy industrial, manufacturing; food grade processing plants, chemical and processing; power and renewable energy; healthcare facilities, and mining industries, as well as federal, state, and municipal agencies.

Essential  Responsibilities 
•    Directs, coordinates and monitors activities of construction workers on a construction site, experience in Food & Beverage strongly preferred
•    Collaborates with others to define construction requirements and project schedules; controls project scope and budget; modifies project schedule to reflect approved scope changes 
•    Follows and promotes established project standards, processes and procedures; examines and inspects work progress and construction sites to ensure specifications are met 
•    Reads drawings and specifications to determine construction requirements and to plan procedures 
•    Anticipates and identifies project issues and risks, proactively communicates identified project issues and risks, presents solutions and confers with project team to resolve problems
•    Enforces conformance to safety and quality standards, processes and procedures; conducts safety and quality control inspections 
•    Conducts weekly project status/issues meetings (i.e. preconstruction, safety, etc.); documents and distributes results
•    Records detailed information such as personnel, production, and operational data on construction documents 
•    Maintains established contractual requirements to manage customer expectations and quality standards; identifies opportunities for improvement
•    Maintains positive client relationships to leverage future repeat business
•    Takes personal responsibility for fostering a safe workplace by following safety policies and procedures

•    Properly manage any crises or emergencies
•    Serve as primary on site liaison with owner and owner’s representatives
•    Develop and maintain a complete understanding of the scope and approach to assigned construction projects and identify change orders when appropriate
•    Assist Project Manager in the development and implementation of the project schedule
•    Ensure quality workmanship and tolerances to eliminate rework
•    Ensure that the completed facility functions as intended
•    Ensure that subcontractors are properly managed and scheduled
•    Maintain favorable relationship with subcontractors to ensure their performance throughout the project
•    Support subcontractors with the resources to allow them to perform their work when necessary
•    Maintain jobsite order and cleanliness
•    Find appropriate construction solutions when needed

Supervisory Responsibilities
•    Coordinate with Project Manager to ensure selection and scheduling of employees
•    Coordinate with Project Manager to ensure selection and scheduling of proper tools and equipment
•    Serve as a motivator for employees by providing positive feedback
•    Provide overall direction for all on site activities
•    Ensure good attendance and timeliness of employees
•    Foster an environment of cooperation and teamwork among employees
•    Train and develop field engineers and foremen
•    Identify leadership candidates and provide opportunities for development

Project Efficiency
•    Coordinate the daily/weekly work plan with the foremen and employees
•    Ensure that employees and equipment are productive and fully utilized
•    Ensure that the most efficient construction approach is being utilized
•    Ensure that the construction site is maintained properly to allow ongoing construction activities

•    Coordinate all on site purchasing in a timely and cost effective manner
•    Coordinate with the Project Manager to ensure appropriate and timely delivery of materials
•    Ensure that delivered material is checked for quality and quantity and is properly documented and stored
•    Ensure that delivery tickets are marked with the proper cost codes and delivered to the receptionist weekly
•    Coordinate with vendor representative for installation procedures and start up services

Administrative Duties
•    Ensure that timesheets are completed accurately and forwarded to the Project Manager daily
•    Ensure that daily reports are comprehensive and electronically entered or forwarded to the Receptionist for entry on a daily basis
•    Complete the Employee Evaluation Forms and forward to the Payroll Administrator upon employee layoff, termination, or on a periodic basis as directed
•    Maintain on site project files in a neat and orderly manner
•    Maintain construction as built drawings as the project progresses
•    Ensure quality start up documentation and forward to the Project Manager
•    Ensure that operators perform daily maintenance and document in the logs

•    Conduct weekly toolbox talks and forward documentation to Human Resources
•    Maintain on site safety program and forms
•    Conduct site specific orientation for all employees and forward documentation to Human Resources
•    Complete all necessary incident/accident/near miss reports
•    Ensure that all employees comply with the safety program
•    Ensure that all employees have and wear proper PPE
•    Review the site to ensure compliance with the safety program
•    Ensure that all required signs and posters are properly mounted
•    Meet with OSHA inspectors in accordance with the safety policy
•    Ensure all on site activities comply with HazCom and Substance Abuse  policies
•    Identify, plan and document all critical lifts
•    Ensure that subcontractors are conforming with RIHC’s safety and quality programs
•    Continuously monitor the site and address any safety issues that arise
•    Work with the Safety Director to develop a site safety plan early in the project

Human Resources
•    Ensure compliance with the company Hiring Procedures
•    Take or deny applications as directed by the Project Manager
•    Interview and hire applicants
•    Terminate employees
•    Ensure appropriate and timely disciplinary action when necessary
•    Work to improve employee morale
•    Conduct new employee orientations
•    Complete new employee paperwork
•    Interface with the Project Manager, Mentor, and Field Engineer to insure proper development opportunities for the assigned Field Engineer
•    Develop subordinate staff to allow Traveling Superintendent to provide input to the company as needed

Quality Assurance
•    Maintain the level of quality that is expected by the owner
•    Work with the Engineering Department to ensure timely design documents for construction
•    Ensure that the project is built in compliance with the project plans and specifications
•    Ensure that design engineers are consulted before modifications are made to drawings

•    Maintain involvement during planning, construction and closeout
•    Offer knowledge and input to the estimating department relative to project productivity and approach
•    Ensure continuous communication with the Project Manager to develop and maintain total cost awareness of the project
•    Maintain open communication and relationships with foremen and workmen

•    Monthly supervisor’s meeting
•    Preconstruction meeting
•    On site progress meetings
•    Project closeout meeting
•    Owner/engineer requested meetings

Required Computer Skills/Programs
•    Knowledge of Microsoft Windows
•    Microsoft Outlook
•    Internet Explorer
•    ProCore
•    Rhumbix Timekeeping
•    Knowledge of computerized scheduling

•    Bachelors’ degree in construction management or equivalent background
•    Substantial knowledge of the construction industry; seven years of construction experience
•    Ability to communicate and manage projects effectively

•    Confined Space
•    Excavation & Competent Person
•    ACI Level 1 Certification
•    First Aid/CPR
•    Crane Safety & Rigging
•    OSHA 30 Hour Certification
•    MSHA Part 48 Training
•    AGC Supervisory Training Program (STP)

•    Travel will be required; requires valid driver’s license and a good driving record
•    Overtime may be required

Robinson Construction is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. We will provide equal opportunity to all applicants and prohibit any discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability or veteran status. Applicants are treated on the basis of their job-related qualifications, ability and performance.

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