May 30, 2024

Shipyard Diesel Mechanic

  • Trade Team USA
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Job Description

·        Understand WAF processes, ability to work a WAF from start to finish.

·        Have a good working knowledge of standard items.

·        Proficient using calibrated instruments, such as dial Indicators, micrometers, calipers, depth mics, etc.

·        Proficient at reading and using tech manuals, EATPS, PCP’s

·        Understand Diesel Engines and how they operate or be proficient in shafting, clutches, and reduction gears.

·        Be proficient as a Lead Mechanic capable of guiding and training junior Mechanics with minimum supervision.

·        Have the basic tools needed to perform work.

·        Experience in some of the following:

·        -Disassembling Diesel engine, clutches or reduction gears and testing.

·        -Removing shafts, propellers, and hubs.

·        -Foundation Chock work

·        -Engine Alignments/ Engine coupling work

·        $17.00 - $30.00 hour plus PD of $120.00 for those the qualify

·        Please send resume to or call 757-961-3918 ext. 7010, cell 757-324-3704

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