May 30, 2024

Insulator / Pipe Coverer

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Pay $17.00 _ $27.31 Plus $120.00 PD

Three or more years as a Marine pipe coverer applying molded pipe section to various pipe systems IE main steam, auxiliary steam HPD, LPD. Experience in applying temp-mat and clock insulation to components such as turbines, pumps etc.

Required Skills:

Ability to install, remove and repair molded insulation which includes calcium silicate, temp-mat and finishing cement to various size piping systems.

High quality workmanship is required IE able to cut proper minters apply fiberglass cloth over sections smoothly and with our excessive glue being trapped and use care to avoid applying adhesive on adjacent surfaces using making, drop cloths etc.

Please send resume to or call 757-961-3918 ext. 7010, cell 757-324-3704

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