Who We Are

Our proprietary job board in a niche construction industry helps companies get applicable resumes for skilled crafts personnel and related positions who are after per diem work. We started as a magazine called the Hotsheet in 1991 and have evolved with the times to a modernized platform. Family owned and operated since 1991.



Our Services:


Project Job Board - Individual Job Postings - Publication


Project Ads

90% of traffic comes from Project Ads on our home page. We are a unique niche construction job board that generally targets high hour high pay traveling skilled crafts and management personnel. In this industry human resources do not generally have a constant flow of various positions to fill, instead they have sudden needs for various crafts and often 2, 10 or  even 100+ of the same craft positions over night.

Our proprietary job board allows Construction HR personnel to have a one ad fits all place where all the various large, small and different positions needed can apply through one single ad and also have access to self posting to post when more specific positions are available.

3 Sizes Available: Full, Half & 2x4 Ad


Individual Job Postings

Unlimited job postings comes with any size ad. Of course we do have a self posting section like any other classic job board but we emphasize that this is for that last minute specific position you need help filling.




Although we started as a magazine company with a job board…. we are now a Job Board with a magazine as it only makes up about 5% of our traffic in this current age. The publication still exists at roughly 10,000 copies per month. Due to modern times these primarily go out to construction companies applicable to this sector and to various trade schools and other areas for promotional reasons. Project ads on the job board for 3 months or more will show up in the Hotsheet.


Why We Are Different

We are different because this industry's hiring is different than any other industrys so we made it to reflect that. Sometimes you need 1 welder, 10 welders, 5 electricians or 5 of 10 different crafts. An individual posting on a classic job board just doesnt fit that well. These are traveling workers for the most part who are just chasing the money and hours.


Where our traffic comes from…

Old timers. Everyone used to know the hotsheet. that generation is still utilizing us just because they have know us.

We have over 50k followers on our official facebook pages and over 300,000 members in our facebook groups we promote our job board in along with an active twitter & instagram.

Over 300,000 emails have been submitted over 20+ years from craft and related personnel in the industry. We put out regular mass emails to reach this database.


Industrial Projects Services History

Industrial Projects Services started as a piece of paper in 1994 with ads on them sent through fax. I obviouisly wasnt involved then because I was  1 years old…..

It quickly evolved into a full blown magazine. In the middle of the 2000s we were one of the first companies in the entire construction industry to have an actual website… shortly followed by being the first on social media in 2008. We obviously evolved with the times and became primarily online putting all of the ads on our unique job board.


How to Get Started:

Our entire process only takes a few minutes of your time so that you can begin posting jobs immediately! Custom designed display ads have a turn-around time of 1-2 business days so that you and our professional design team can curtail your custom ad to your company standards and specific job positions. Once you approve of your display ad, we will post the ad online for thousands of job seekers to immediately submit resumes to! It doesn’t get any easier than that! To proceed please send your insertion form to your rep or to the email below. If you looking for more information including rates please sign up to proceed or contact us at the information below for a faster response.


Call: 727-935-4653


How to Make the Most Out of Project Ad

We highly recommend having all the information below. 

  • Crafts Needed:
  • Project Type:
  • Location(s)
  • Hours worked:
  • Per Diem/Travel Benefits offered:
  • Project Duration:
  • Additional info and benefits offered by your Company/Projects:

Application tracking systems without an email or phone number to contact first are often skipped over and recieve a vastly lower response. If you utilize an application system we highly recommend a phone number or email for someone to make first contact to confirm the job they are inquiring about is active and looking for their specific skill set and experience.