Who We Are

We are a unique Construction Job Board operating in a niche industry that helps construction companies receive applicable resumes for skilled crafts professionals and construction management positions. 


Our Beginning

Industrial Projects Report started as a piece of paper in 1992 referred to as the Hotsheet sent through fax. The Hotsheet quickly evolved into a magazine and eventually an online job board. We have continued to evolve with the times and are now primarily an online source, posting Custom Project Ads specific to the construction industry on our unique Construction Job Board.


Our Services:

Project Ads - Job Postings – The Hotsheet


Project Ads

90% of applicant traffic comes from display project ads on the home page of our Construction Job Board. Project Ads are a way to post for single positions or up to hundreds of positions needing to be filled on 1 project or multiple projects. This is a one-size-fits-all solution for all of your skilled craft, management, and supporting role needs. We are different because this industry's hiring is different. As needs quickly change and hiring volume picks up, we make it so that you can have multiple crafts, locations, and projects listed in one spot.



Job Postings

In addition to your project ad displaying your project needs on the home page of our Construction Job Board, your team will also have access to self-post individual jobs when specific positions are available.


Industrial Projects Report - The Hotsheet

Although we are now primarily an online source with our Construction Job Board, the Hotsheet still exists today in digital and printed versions. The monthly issues primarily go out to construction companies applicable to this sector, various trade schools, and other areas for promotional reasons. All project ads that sign up to be on the Construction Job Board for 3 months or more will have a space in the digital and print versions each month.




Where does our traffic come from

Our website averages 100,000 visitors per month. These visitors come from long-term users, social media, our mass emailing, google, publication marketing & various other means.

Social Media: Over 350,000 followers and members on different Facebook groups and other social media pages we manage

Mass Email Database: 300,000+ emails

Publication Numbers: 5000 printed and 25,000 digital issues distributed to companies, trades schools and more.


How to Get Started:

Our process only takes a few minutes of your time so you can begin posting projects immediately! Custom-designed project ads have a turn-around time of 1-2 business days so that you and our professional design team can curtail your custom ad to your company’s standards and specific hiring needs.

Once you approve your display ad, we will post your project ad on our Construction Job Board for job seekers to immediately submit resumes to. It doesn’t get any easier than that! To proceed please send your insertion form to your rep or the email below. If you want more information, including rates, please sign up to proceed or contact us at the information below for a faster response.


Call: 727-935-4653



Select the ad size and duration of time the ad will appear on the Construction Job Board in the section below. • Enter any and all of the information needed for your advertisement in the sections below.
• Once your ad has been created, you will receive a proof from the Art Department for approval or changes.
• Once you have approved, your ad will be placed on the Construction Job Board right away.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Project Ad

To get the best applicant response possible, we highly recommend highlighting these important details in your ad.
  • Crafts Needed:
  • Project Type:
  • Location(s)
  • Hours worked:
  • Per Diem/Travel Benefits offered:
  • Project Duration:
  • Additional info and benefits offered by your Company/Projects:

Application tracking systems without an email or phone number to contact first are often skipped over and receive a vastly lower applicant response. If you utilize an application system, we highly recommend a phone number or email for someone to make the first contact to confirm the job they are inquiring about is active and looking for their specific skill set and experience.

Project/Job Info