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Our Unique Construction Job Board

We are a unique niche construction job board that generally targets high hour high pay traveling skilled crafts and management personnel. In this industry human resources do not generally have a constant flow of various positions to fill, instead they have sudden needs for various crafts and even 1, 10 or  even 100+ of the same craft positions over night.

Our proprietary job board allows Construction HR personnel to have a one ad fits all place where all the various large, small and different positions needed can apply through one single ad and also have access to self posting to post when more specific positions are available.




One-Step, One-Company Login to Post all Your Jobs! 

Job Postings for you and your recruiting team are organized in one email account so everyone has a centralized location for resumes and you only have one user name and one password for your company.


Custom Designed Job Seeking Display Ads!

Our professional graphic design team will work with you to design an ad for your specific job and/or craft need and gear it towards receiving a consistent flow of resumes. Whether it’s for a single state maintenance project or hundreds of projects all over the United States, your custom designed display ad will keep resumes coming even when your recruiters are unable to post or chase potential candidates themselves.


How to Get Started:

Our entire process only takes a few minutes of your time so that you can begin posting jobs immediately! Custom designed display ads have a turn-around time of 1-2 business days so that you and our professional design team can curtail your custom ad to your company standards and specific job positions. Once you approve of your display ad, we will post the ad online for thousands of job seekers to immediately submit resumes to! It doesn’t get any easier than that!


Your personal IPR Sales Consultant will contact you at the phone number you provided to get you started today! However, if you have any urgent needs please call us right away!

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