ICS, Inc. provides structural, mechanical, security, and civil solutions to our valued clients nationwide. This is accomplished through our teams of experienced professionals who approach every project with a well-planned agenda and our distinguished can-do attitude, which every employee embraces, giving excellent service to our clients.

Since its establishment, ICS has experienced steady growth and financial stability, enabling the company substantial bonding ability. Employee loyalty has been strong, as evidenced by several key employees who have been with the organization for over 23 years. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients on every project while maintaining the safety, integrity, and economic security of our valued employees and company.

ICS is known for our innovation, integrity, and ability to perform consistently on the challenging jobs. We accomplish this with our well qualified and diverse workforce. ICS provides a wide variety of expertise to our customers including: safety, quality control, carpentry, earthmoving, excavation, heating and ventilation, steel fabrication and erection, plumbing, high-pressure steam piping, pipefitting, pipelines, security equipment installation and maintenance, concrete placement, precast installation, masonry, millwright work, welding, industrial process equipment installation, hoisting and rigging, and surveying. We also employ AutoCad and computerized scheduling and have several members of our staff with High Security Governmental Clearance.

With strong engineering leadership, the company maintains a superior understanding of plans and specifications; with a profound respect for the engineering design and details of all projects. This ability has resulted in the successful completion of various projects for the Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, United States Air Force, assorted industrial plants, and numerous Architectural/Engineering firms.

With strong ties to the community and Red River Valley ICS fully understands the complexity and challenges that arise from construction in the Northern states and employs a staff of over 200 employees and partners with other resources to bring these projects to fruition.

ICS actively pursues new opportunities for our valued Small Business team members through Teaming Agreements, Sub-Contracts and as suppliers of goods and services. Utilizing Small Business products and services helps ICS achieve its procurement and business objectives while provided the best value and services to our clients while fostering economic stability and diversity in our community.

As a successful construction manager and systems integrator, we have the ability to provide a fair, cooperative, and timely problem-solving approach to achieve a solution when the unforeseen happens. Our goal is to win your trust and develop a solid relationship that carries into the future.

We promise, “You provide the challenge“; Industrial Contract Services, Inc. will provide the results.